Edge: where an area that is known or privileged meets another that is unknown or ignored; a point of balance between contrary or diverse phenomena; a place of connectivity and interaction - the ‘active edge’, where one thing meets another.

This trio of day-long symposia will explore the concept of situated practice in contemporary art, architecture and urbanism, at three 'edge' locations connected by the High Speed 1 rail link (HS1) from London to Folkestone, and in the context of the Folkestone Triennial.
Each of the three days will bring together practitioners and thinkers from the fields of art, architecture and urbanism, inviting a response to the location in which the event is held, and investigating the sensory, social and environmental impact of different approaches.
Together, the three events will generate a narrative exploration of contemporary situated practice in 'edge' urban settings, focusing on interstitial spaces (rather than buildings) and the creative uses to which these can be put. The three locations are linked by HS1 - both as a geographical connective figure, and in its embodiment of ideas associated with commuting, connectivity and escapism.
The audience is invited to follow from one event to the next, engaging with each place as a creative asset in itself, and a manifestation of a particular kind of 'edge'.

 Ooze & Marjetica Potrč

Ooze & Marjetica Potrč

Gateway - 14 Sept, 2017


The Gower Street campus of UCL was planned and built on the urban / rural edge of London, a 'learning' gateway through which generations of students have now passed, and one which now runs up against the Kings Cross development, conceived as a mix of ‘knowledge gateway’ with transport gateway.


Through a mixture of Workshops and Presentations, participants will draw on perspectives offered by art, architecture, performance, anthropology and pedagogy.

 Do Ho Suh

Do Ho Suh

Periphery - 7 Oct, 2017

Hackney Wick

The borough of Newham was until recently a neglected area of London, but the investment of the 2012 Olympic Games - particularly in transport infrastructure - has enabled Stratford to develop at a dizzying speed. It is now the home of Here East, a cluster of institutions including The Bartlett School of Architecture.


Speakers look at modes of intervention from the perspectives of art, architecture, urbanism and planning; some contributions will be ‘performed’ rather than spoken.

 In Certain Places

In Certain Places

Border - 4 Nov, 2017 


Folkestone's position at the littoral edge of England allows it to breathe both sea and land air, and its urbanism connects equally with water and land. Formerly a main pivot for passenger transport between France and England, the Channel Tunnel took this border function ‘out of town’ and destroyed this particular active edge. 


On the final day, the focus will be on art-led urbanism, especially the contribution of the ‘local international’ and the ‘social practice’ of artists, architects and critics.